Everything you need to know for preparing your motorcycle trip this summer

Everything you need to know for preparing your motorcycle trip this summer

We’re already well into summer and the heat is suffocating more than ever, but that won’t make us stay at home under the AC.

We’re going on a roadtrip the way it ought to be!

The term ‘freedom’ is linked to the word motorcycle, and therefore, whenever we have a few days off, riders love to grab on to their handlebars and take to the road. But to ensure no mistake ruins the trip, let’s get serious with planning ahead and motorcycle safety.

Whether it’s for the weather, the landscapes, or because of our adventurous spirit, motorbike journeys are on the increase, and in summer in Spain more so than ever.

We are one of the European countries with the most motorcyclists after Italy and Germany. The passtime is solid proof that we love motorcycle travel.

Everything’s ready for your motorcycle trip

In summer who else at least gets to go on vacation somewhere? Those of us who travel by motorcycle have to meet a few requirements before taking off.

To get out on the road, especially when the trip is going to be long, precautions must be taken and the essentials must be planned in advance in order to have a safe and relaxing trip. Whether you go on a weekend or go on a tour of the peninsula, you have to have everything ready beforehand.

With so many people on vacation, roads become a bit more tricky and you have to think very well what you’re going to do and how.

If you’re a newbie and are excited about your first motorcycle vacation, prepare the trip in advance in order to avoid risks. If you already have years of experience, it won’t hurt to keep reading in case you find new ideas. At least it’ll refresh your mind.

How to prepare for a motorcycle trip in summer

Are you about to go on a holiday with a bike and don’t know where to start? Are you absent-minded and maybe forgot to review something important?

Take note of these tips and travel with peace of mind!

#Check your levels and quality of liquids and oils

First, it’s necessary to verify the levels and quality of liquids and oils. This includes transmission oil, brake fluid, engine oil, coolant and all the fluids and oils necessary for the motorcycle to run smoothly.

# Check the brakes and brake pads

In this step you should check the seat pad. If it is less than 2 mm thick, change it before leaving to avoid any inconvenience along the way.

# Check the condition of the tires.

Check that the tires are not worn, it is very dangerous to travel with tires in poor condition. It’s important to keep in mind that tire pressure must not be measured before travelling. In fact, it’s necessary that the motorcycle be loaded to define the proper pressure. You should also check them regularly during the trip.

# Check the battery voltage

To see the battery voltage you need a voltmeter. You should know that a well-charged battery does not necessarily mean that it’s in good condition. Therefore, check all terminals. They must not be rusty or loose. If this is the case, the alternator won’t be able to recharge the battery correctly. Finally, if you plan to take a long trip through Spain or Europe, it’s advisable to carry a battery charger.

# Clean the air and oil filters.

You can call a mechanic for this task if you don’t have the necessary skills to do it. However, if you have mechanical skills, you can clean them yourself.

#Emergency Kit

Don’t forget to take with you a tool kit that will help you a lot in case of breakdown. In the kit, you must carry everything you need to disassemble a wheel, change a light, a handle, etc. Also essential are chain grease, an oil can, fuses, light bulbs and headlights.

#First Aid Kit

You need a basic first aid kit for your motorcycle trip. If you go on vacation and the trip is expected to be long, it never hurts to travel with the essentials in case of a minor or major accident. What most often happens this time of year are sunburns. That is why it is important to bring sun cream to avoid them, in addition to gauze, scissors or pain medication. If you are travelling as a couple, take double.

#Appropriate clothing

It’s summer, therefore the luggage you’ll need is not the same as in winter, although there are common elements. You should wear quality anti-abrasion clothing but light, which allows perspiration. And the best advice we can give you is that the fewer things you carry, the better.

#Documents for the bike

Before going on a trip, check that all motorcycle documents are in order. The first thing you have to ensure to take is, obviously, your driving license. To find out if it’s necessary to have an international permit, check with the embassy or consulate of the country you wish to go to before leaving.

And don’t forget to plan the route, you’ll save time, unless you like 100% adventure.

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