Motorcycle tour around Morocco, discover the Berber Empire

Motorcycle tour around Morocco, discover the Berber Empire

Morocco offers a variety of incredibly diverse experiences and our goal for this Motorcycle Tour through the Berber Empire is to show you highlights of the country and for you to immerse yourself in its culture and landscape.

It’s a paradise for a unique motorcycle holiday.

In Morocco you can enjoy very unique attractions: the spectacular Atlas Mountains, the Amazigh villages (Berber), lush valleys and oases, the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the huge Sahara desert.

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The panoramic views that can be seen are impressive and the people you’ll meet on the roads are some of the warmest and friendliest in the world.

Today, Morocco is a place where ancient and modern civilizations blend harmoniously.

The best motorcycle tour around Morocco

Welcome to an authentic tour around the land of northern Africa!

We’ll put together a personalized tour in order to make the most of the time.

Imagine riding one of our BMW fully equipped bikes through the unique Atlas Mountains until you reach the summit and see the desert plain like a sea of sand of incredible dimensions.

Oases with their palm trees and camels wandering among the dunes.

You’ll feel the magic of the sand ripples gently transforming until they create another landscape, it’s quite impressive!

 You’ll discover the ancient territory of the Berbers and learn about their culture. Fancy sleeping in the desert under the starry sky of Merzouga?

The adventure starts in Spain. Our Morocco Tour is the one that offers the most variety of stages, don’t miss out.

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The 14 stages of the Tour around Morocco

From November 9 to 22, 2019, you can take some time off from a busy life to live a unique experience on a fully equipped latest BMW model.

You’ll enter North Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry and start the most exciting motorcycle route of your life.

For 14 days we’ll tour in groups around the most beautiful places in North Africa.

Summary of stages

 If you want to see the 14 stages of the Morocco Motorcycle Tour in detail, don’t miss the information on our website.

As a summary, we’ll list the highlights, where every day will be something special to remember.

The first day will be the reception of the attendees in Malaga, the point of origin and departure of the tour. From Malaga we’ll take the motorcycles down the roads of the Costa del Sol to Tarifa – pure beauty – and from there we’ll head over to Tangier by ferry.

The coast of Africa is a welcoming sight!

From Tangier to Marrakech, we’ll encounter the majestic Atlas mountain range. After two intense stages, we’ll deserve a rest day.

You’ll have the opportunity to visit Marrakech, the “Pearl of the South”. You can go sightseeing or take advantage of shopping in the souk. Surely you’ll find some beautiful memory to take with you before bargaining, in the purest Arab style.

Leaving Marrakech behind, we’ll go south through the Atlas range.

Roads will start to wind up the slopes of the highest mountain range in north-western Africa.

You’ll visit a unique place of the desert: the Gorges of Dadès. A unique place with high canyons up to 300 meters high, a glorious route to do by motorcycle. The views that can be seen at these gorges are some of the most impressive of the trip.

We won’t rest on the seventh day. The most exciting journey of the trip awaits us. During this stage, centred on the territory closest to the border with Algeria, the desert gives way before us.

The next day, being already in the desert, we can change the bikes for quads. Inside the desert, between the dunes, we can sleep in a jaima, Berber style. Very exciting!

After the nomadic experience we’ll get back on the motorcycle route and arrive at an area with striking vegetation on the banks of the desert, Er Rachidia.

From here we begin our way back.

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We’ll  cross the Atlas again to the delight of lovers of curves. Before reaching the border, we’ll visit Fez, the largest Medina in the world and the best preserved in the Arab world.

If you want to know how the final leg of the tour concludes, don’t miss our summary on the website.

This motorcycle tour is the best opportunity to enjoy all that Morocco has to offer. We’re waiting for you!

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