Motorcycle tour The Pyrenees

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This experience on wheels will lead you, curve after curve, through the well paved roads of the Pyrenees, the natural border separating Spain from the rest of Europe.

  • Start / End
    Barcelona / Barcelona Barcelona / Barcelona
    Total duration
    8 days
  • Total distance
    1780 km
  • Best season
    May to October
    Skill level
  • Landscapes
Motorcycle tour The Pyrenees

Sun, asphalt and mountain. Start the engine up and dare to take on each of the turns that run along this route which departs from Barcelona, the most important coastal city of Spain. Your tires will take you from there to the heart of the Pyrenees. The Aneto peak, 3 408 meters, will be the highlight of one of the stages.

3, 2, 1... Start your engines and enjoy this Motorcycle Tour that will lead you from Barcelona to the Pyrenees!

This experience on wheels will lead you, curve after curve, through the well paved roads of the Pyrenees, the natural border separating Spain from the rest of Europe. During some of the stages, we will also visit several mountain passes in the French side of the mountain range, famous for punishing cyclists’ legs in the Tour de France.

At every stage, there will be stops to enjoy the scenery, recover back strength and take pictures without having to keep an eye on the road.

Good turning angles and lots of fun will be the keynote of this adventure, designed to combine natural tourism and motorcycling. You’ll also have the chance to taste the world-famous cuisine of this region which is well-known for its culinary art.

Everything included in the tour and the requirements at a glance
What does this tour include?
  • Airport pick-up and transportation to the hotel the first day of the tour
  • Briefing: route, tour and security
  • Highest quality hotels with full breakfast
  • Latest fully equipped BMW models with original cases included
  • Travel manual and map marked with the tour route.
  • Bilingual guide on a motorcycle
  • Support vehicle with luggage transport and escort (for those who prefer to travel on 4 wheels)
  • Welcome pack
  • Haute cuisine dinners (except for rest days)
What does not include this tour?
  • Plane ticket
  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Gasoline
  • Gratuities for guides
  • Tolls
  • Personal expenses
  • Valid passport or national identity card
  • Valid motorcycle driver's license; at least 2 years
  • Credit card
  • International driving license for non-EU members
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Stages of the route

Day 1 Recepción en Barcelona
Day 2 Barcelona - Seu D’ Urgel
Day 3 Seu D’ Urgel - Andorra - Bielsa
Day 4 Bielsa - Valle de Tena
Day 5 Valle de Tena - Rest day
Day 6 Valle de Tena - Cardona
Day 7 Cardona - Barcelona
Day 8 Flight back home
  1. Day 1 Arrival in Barcelona

    Once your plane has landed, our guide service you will pick you up at the airport. This first day of the motorcycle tour starting from Barcelona, you will have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area and see the sights of the city. There will be a welcome orientation that will allow you to meet the rest of the people who will take part in this adventure, as well as review the tour details. And as a final event, there will a dinner where we’ll be able to recharge and unwind with an eye on our first stage.

  2. Day 2 The expedition begins

    Stage 1 on the road. Loaded luggage and motorcycles set up. We start our motorcycle trip from Barcelona. We set out to climb the Llobregat Valley. Once up there, we will make the first stop along the way to observe the Montserrat Abbey. This 9th century Abbey is located on the mountain, next to a large stone wall. The second point of interest of this stage will be the castle of Cardona, where we will rest for the second stage.

  3. Day 3 Wake up!

    The trip is looking good. Back on the road, we will start our Pyrenees motorcycle tour. We are going to have another stage of ascent plenty of curves following the marked path up the valley. We will border the Aneto, the highest peak of the Pyrenees. The road system that surrounds this point is motorcycling heaven, it has paving that is well appreciated by motorcyclists all around Europe. After such a sinuous and intense journey, there will be a resting stage

  4. Day 4 Panticosa, rest day (or not)

    In this second half of the trip, there will be a day of rest in Panticosa. Anyone who wants to ride around the surrounding areas, will be able to do so. Our guides have designed an extra trip for those who want to blow off steam. You will have the option to rest up with the relaxation treatment that available at the spa we are staying at. The restless types have their motorcycle at their disposal to explore the surroundings and our guides will accompany you or give you a few tips on where to go and what to see around Panticosa.

  5. Day 5 Good morning!

    With your body as good as new, we will cross the border on this international stage. We will make our way towards the French Pyrenees soil to ride through the 5 main mountain passes that the cyclists in the Tour de France have to climb. Back in Spain, the end of the stage will take place in Viella Mitg Arán. This municipality, located in the highest part of the Aran Valley, will give us a spectacular view of our next stage.

  6. Day 6 Curves for breakfast!

    From the highest point, we will ride down the Aran Valley, towards the Baqueira-Beret ski resort. This stage has been specially designed for curve lovers, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your driving potential. The winding sections will be fun, you'll see.

  7. Day 7 The end is nigh

    Despite it being our last day on the motorcycle, we will have a magnificent ride back to where we started from. The journey will be a descending stretch that will begin in the foothills of the Pyrenees and from there we’ll be on our way back to our beloved coastal city, Barcelona..

  8. Day 8 See you soon!

    Today is about packing up and saying our goodbyes to the friends we’ve made during the tour. Also to the great guides that made this tour a special trip. We hope you enjoyed this motorcycle tour from Barcelona to the Pyrenees and we wish to see you soon on our next two-wheeled adventure!

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