Advantages of travelling by motorcycle with your partner

Advantages of travelling by motorcycle with your partner

With the sky overhead and the road under your feet, why not try travelling with your partner by sharing an intimate space? For many people it’s a dream.

With the sky overhead and the road under your feet, why not try travelling with your partner by sharing an intimate space? For many people it’s a dream.

Another way to experience Motorcycle trips that are livelier, more pure,and without anything between you feeling the sun,wind and rain on your face. You’ll realize that towns, nature and landscapes are all alive, not mere sights behind a glass windshield. Its also easier to interact with your surroundings, take photos and see what’s around. There’s an old saying among motorcycle fans which says: “Driving a car is like watching a film, riding a motorbike is like starring in one.”

Now think about a couple who loves each other, who enjoy each other’s company, but their routines are undermining their relationship. How can they improve it? Combing motorcycle and partner can be a great option. Sharon Ledger, psychologist and enthusiastic motorcyclist, is keen on the idea that riding with a partner can increase confidence and passion in bed. Like everything, it’s important to have balance, but if you like the experience of riding a motorbike, once and a while you shoudld do it with a partner.

Sharing the trip with someone is the perfect way of making a deeper connection with them. Think of the things that you love most in the world… Okay, not so many! Choose just two. If you love motorbikes and you’re in a relationship, one supposes that they’re among your first loves. Can you imagine, for example, crossing the Sahara and exploring north Africa with the person you love the most? Just your partner, your bike and yourself, is a dream come true for many people.

So, if you have a motorcycle, or if you like travelling on two wheels, don’t miss out on the reasons why travelling with a partner can be a positive experience.

More time together

Life partners might live in the same house, but when the day is over there may be little shared time and of low quality. Work, kids, chores, T.V., social networks and other distractions, all act against spending time together. When a couple travels together by motorbike, they share quality time together doing something they both like. Recent sociological studies have shown that couples who share hobbies stay together.

Working as a team

Furthermore, sharing a passion like motorcycling and travelling on two wheels, promotes teamwork. When you plan a trip together, common likes are prioritized, you negotiate, give and take, and objectives and goals are set, all strengthening communication between a couple. There are various examples online of couples who have travelled thousands of miles together, coming up against innumerable challenges, and without a doubt forging togetherness.

Less arguing

Keeping a hobby in common and enjoying being on two wheels together, ends up improving communication. It’s evident that inconveniences might pop up along the way, each motrobike trip is an adventure, but by sharing experiences as a team, one learns to head in the same direction. A good motorcyclist has to have a lot of patience for what might happen. There’s no other way. It’s a way of life with its ups and downs, but gives a lot of satisfaction.

Share life experiences and friends

Travelling together is all about sharing experiences and memories that strengthen a relationship. Moreover, friendships can be made between people who enjoy the same hobby. Along the way you might come across other couples or motorbike fans and usually you’ll hit it off. In a group or alone, you’ll enjoy common experiences.

More positive energy

Contact with natural elements, momentum of speed, the vibration of the engine and the sense of freedom all increase positive energy. Who could possibly feel down when riding a bike? Travelling by motorbike brings physical and emotional health benefits. Just by feeling the wind and sun on your face you’ll feel better, your vitality will instantly increase. In addition, you’ll improve your brain’s cognitive functioning. When you travel with a partner you’ll be more animated and in a better mood.

Better sex life

You bet! This gets interesting. Why does travelling on a motorcycle with your partner improve your sex life? Well there are various reasons and many couples here are witness to what they’ve experienced. The matter is very simple. As we mentioned at the start of this article, by going together on a motorbike, you share a space that’s smaller than a bed for many hours. So, as they say in Spain, a bit of friction makes affection. When one is travelling for pleasure, there aren’t any excuses like work, stress or worries, all that won’t exist or at least not in the same measure. Additionally, thanks to the benefits of travelling, vital energy is improved by increasing endorphins that generate a sense of well-being. And so, you have to take advantage!

If you’ve thought about doing a route with your partner and you need a bike, we’ll make it easy for you. Above all, the most important thing is to enjoy the trip, and never better said, let the bike, road, and the adventure carry you away. In the end, the benefits come alone.

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