MOROCCO – The Berber Empire

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Do you want to get to know North Africa? Cross the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry with your motorcycle? Feel the desert? Read on!

  • Start / End
    Malaga / Malaga Malaga / Malaga
    Total duration
    14 days
  • Total distance
    1850 km.
  • Best season
    Autumn, winter and Spring
    Skill level
  • Landscapes
MOROCCO – The Berber Empire

MOROCCO – The Berber Empire


Do you want to get to know North Africa? Cross the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry with your motorcycle? Feel the desert? Read on!


Imagine breathing fresh mountain air while your motorcycle heads towards the end of a mountain pass. Imagine the feeling of getting to the summit.


Also imagine your tires going downhill, down the opposite side of the mountain, and the landscape slowly turning into palm groves, oases and dunes. Raise your eyes towards the horizon and you'll find a huge mass of fine sand that mutates its form constantly at the mercy of the wind. Stop dreaming.


Do you want to actually experience what was just in your head?


The mountain in question is the Atlas and the huge mass of sand is the Sahara desert.


The two most characteristic geographic features of Morocco are only a step away.


Ride to the ferry. Once in Africa, explore the ancient land of the Berbers and learn about their culture. You will even be able to sleep in the middle of the Merzouga desert during one of the resting stages.


The diversity in stages on the Southern Spain and Morocco Motorcycle Tour is undoubtedly the most complete we offer. You’ll be able to ride on the best roads and also have the opportunity to drive through the red sand dunes in a one-of-a-kind stage.

A new fleet of fully equipped BMW Motorcycles for rent will be at your disposal as well as our guides so that the experience of the journey is to your total satisfaction.

Everything included in the tour and the requirements at a glance
What does this tour include?


  • Airport pick-up and transportation to the hotel the first day of the tour
  • Briefing: route, tour and security
  • Highest quality hotels with full breakfast
  • Latest fully equipped BMW models with original cases included
  • Travel manual and map marked with the tour route.
  • Bilingual guide on a motorcycle
  • Support vehicle with luggage transport and escort (for those who prefer to travel on 4 wheels)
  • Welcome pack
  • Haute cuisine dinners (except for rest days)
What does not include this tour?
  • Plane ticket
  • Ferry ticket
  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Gasoline
  • Gratuities for guides
  • Tolls
  • Personal expenses
  • Valid passport or national identity card
  • Valid motorcycle driver's license; at least 2 years
  • Credit card
  • International driving license for non-EU members
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Stages of the route

Day 1 Reception in Malaga
Day 2 Malaga - Algeciras - Chefchaouen
Day 3 Chefchaouen- Fez
Day 4 Fez - Rest Day
Day 5 Fez - Er Rachidia
Day 6 Er Rachidia - Merzouga
Day 7 Merzouga - Rest Day
Day 8 Merzouga - Boulmane Dades
Day 9 Boulmane Dades - Marrakech
Day 10 Marrakech - Rest day
Day 11 Marrakech - Rabat
Day 12 Rabat - Tarifa
Day 13 Tarifa - Malaga
Day 14 Flight home
  1. Day 1 Reception in Malaga

    Once your plane has landed, our guide service you will pick up at the airport. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area and see the sights around the city. There will be a welcome orientation that will allow you to meet the rest of the people who will take part in this adventure, as well as reviewing the tour details. At the end the day, there will be dinner.

  2. Day 2 Strait of Gibraltar

    First day on the road is ahead of us. After resting and breakfast, the next step, is to break the ice with your future travel companions. One of the motorcycles from our fleet will be waiting for you, ready to roll. This first stage will be a fun one, you’ll get to know and adapt to the environment, and will take us through the mountains, to Tarifa. There, we’ll take the ferry bound for Tangier. The African coast will appear before our eyes, ever nearer. This, no doubt, will be one of the memorable moments of the trip. An experience that will take you to another country, another continent, another life. Once on Moroccan soil, there will be an exclusive riding stage to get to Rabat and rest.

  3. Day 3 Rabat - Marrakech

    At day 3, things start getting very exciting in our Morocco Motorcycle Tour. The sun rises on our first morning in Africa. We will have breakfast, take our BMW bikes and leave behind the coast on our way to the mountains. The Atlas will appear before us for the first time. At the end of the tour, you will be an expert connoisseur of the Moroccan side of this mountain range. The end of the journey will be the arrival in Marrakech, which, after these two intense stages, will welcome us for a day of rest.

  4. Day 4 Marrakech - Rest day

    After the journey to Marrakech, you will have the opportunity to get up as late as you want. This first stop was carefully selected so you can enjoy the spirit of the Pearl of the South. If you think that the traffic of a large western city is pure craziness, wait till you see the streets here. Among the most important leisure activities, will be a visit to the souks. In these Arab markets, reminders of an ancient culture, it is tradition to haggle over the price of what is being sold.

  5. Day 5 Mountain Stage

    Another reason for making Marrakech a strategic stop is its geographical location. After a day of perfect rest, we leave behind the city and the Atlas starts slowly showing up, the most prominent mountain range in Northwest Africa. During this motorcycle route we will gain altitude riding up winding mountain roads, and then, once on the way down towards the southern side, we’ll begin exploring an area of aquifers that will be the first step towards the end of the stage.

  6. Day 6 Uarzazate - Boumalne Dades

    The last bend in the road before reaching the desert will take place in the Dadès Gorge. Riding on the mountainside we get to a territory, that due to the passage of time and erosion, has become a natural monument worthy of admiration. These canyons make for some of the greatest photos in the trip.

  7. Day 7 The gates of the Sahara

    We finally reach the moment we have all been waiting for. We will leave behind the mountainous surroundings and head towards Merzouga. It will be, undoubtedly, the most exciting stretch of our journey. During this stage, which will mostly take place in an area close to the border with Algeria, the desert will open up before us. This is gonna be an unforgettable moment of our Morocco’s motorcycle trip.

  8. Day 8 Rest under the desert stars

    A day of "rest" starts in Merzouga. The fun has just begun. After a good night’s rest and having fueled up with a good breakfast, we will switch from asphalt to sand and switch our BMW two-wheeler to a four-wheeler ATV. This change of vehicle will make you feel like a Dakar rider. Additionally, to make the experience complete, this extra motorcycle desert route will lead us into the dunes. Once in the middle of the desert, we will have the opportunity to spend the night in a jaima, a type of tent used by the Berber people. The starlight will be the blanket covering the desert night sky.

  9. Day 9 Oasis

    After a wonderful nomad style night, it’s time to go back to civilization. We will make our way back to the bikes, on the ATVs. Once in the city, we’ll take the road to Er Rachidia. One of the main points of interest chosen by our guides on this road is a Palm Grove. At this point you’ll be able to enjoy a bit more of the excellent panoramic view that such striking vegetation on the shores of the desert offers.

  10. Day 10 Crossing the Atlas Mountains once again

    Crossing the Atlas Mountains once again On our way back to the northern part of the country we will have to overcome the geographical obstacles posed by the Atlas. Curve lovers will have the perfect opportunity to prove themselves. This stage will lead us to the city of Fez. The next day will be a rest day

  11. Day 11 Fez

    Well-deserved day off in Fez. On this stop we’ll see Morocco’s more cosmopolitan side. The puddles of dye, where leather is tanned, are the most striking part of the city. We’ll also be able to go on a cultural tour of the historical monuments, have a good meal and refuel to be in top form for the final stretch.

  12. Day 12 Return to Spain

    Having traveled North Africa, crossed the Atlas mountains twice, and crossed the desert sands, before us is our last day in the land of the Berbers. We return to the Mediterranean. And here is getting start our short Spanish Motorcycle tour. We will cover the distance between Fez and the border with the city of Melilla, an autonomous city which is part of Spain. We’ll make the Rift Valley our own personal track. Tomorrow we will return to the peninsula.

  13. Day 13 The last Ride

    We’ll board the ferry to Malaga in the morning. Once there, our specialists will guide you on our way through this mountainous area. We'll make sure that you enjoy every last kilometer of this adventure. We’ll push our BMWs until the very last stop. We’ll thank you, afterwards, for being so friendly, and we’ll say our goodbyes.

  14. Day 14 The end, see you soon!

    Time to say goodbye to the rest of the group after this great adventure. It is the time pack our suitcases, take our memories and say goodbye. See you next time!

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