11 reasons to rent a motorcycle in Spain

11 reasons to rent a motorcycle in Spain

Are you planning your holidays? A lot of options surely come to mind and they’re all probably do-able and equally valid. But we at Beebiker want to talk to you about a great plan! We´re going to offer you plans for the beach, sun, amazing food and, of course, the incredible feeling of riding a fully equipped BMW motorcycle.

Our plan is for you to come to Spain, rent a motorcycle in Madrid and discover for yourself why they say that Spain is different.

Although these options seem totally different, we´re suggesting them with a common denominator: rent your motorcycle, go whizzing along the roads and have the holiday that you´ve been craving. In addition, you´ll discover that the sensations on a great motorcycle trip are very different from typical holidays.

We can´t honestly think of a better plan than to travel to Madrid, and once you´re in the centre of the peninsula, it´s a cinch to pick up your bike and take off to discover this wonderful country. When you´re in the Spanish capital, you can plan short getaways to the surrounding sights and you can even put together an itinerary to head towards coastal towns or music festivals. You can stay here or go to the rest of Europe. We´ll get you set up with a bike and the route is up to you.

Rent a motorcycle in Spain

We´re going to give you 11 reasons why you should rent a motorcycle in Spain and plan your holidays here.

1. Total improvisation.

Getting off the beaten path can be the start of a great adventure. If you´re someone who likes to improvise, you´ll surely love travelling secondary, rural or coastal roads, all narrow and difficult to access by car. If you like to take it as you go during your holidays, doing it with a BMW motorcycle is the perfect option for travelling these roads.

However, if what you want is a set route, we can really help you out with our ‘On your own’ service.

2. Versatility

Another advantage of travelling on a motorcycle is that it´s so easy to get around. You can reach many corners on a bike that are complicated and even impossible with a car.

3. Adventure

You´ll take the road without haste because at the end of a trip there’s always some little town off the beaten path with a great restaurant, stunning views or a dream landscape. On a motorcycle trip, the road is the trip itself and you have to enjoy it to the full.

Way of saint james by motorcycle

4. Perfect speed

On a motorcycle you have time to stop, breathe, photograph, and travel at your own pace. You don´t have to rush to be able to see the next monument in the big city. Line ups and highways are avoided. When you do a motorcycle trip during holidays, there isn´t any hurry to see nature, hidden or quiet places and different people.

5. Free roads in great condition.

In Spain we have perfectly maintained and extensive road networks that connect countless points in our geography. Most of them are free and in very good condition, so it´s safe and comfortable to travel by motorcycle on them. In addition, it´s easy to find rest areas, petrol stations, emergency services and accommodation (if you prefer a more comfortable trip) throughout the peninsula.

6. You´ll save on fuel.

Shortly after riding one of our BMW motorcycles, not only will you realize how comfortable they are, it´ll catch your attention that it won´t be necessary to stop and refuel as often as with a car.

7. You´ll save time and park easier

Holidays are for not having to suffer the stress of traffic jams or finding parking space. One of the great advantages of travelling on two wheels is that you can avoid delays. In addition, most cities usually provide parking facilities for motorcycles.

8. Protecting the environment

Did you know that emissions volumes from motorcycles are less than that of cars? It isn´t us who are saying it. It´s one of the “10 recommendations for sustainable tourism”, promoted by the Spanish Ministry of the Environment, Iberia and the Biodiversity Foundation. This initiative emphasizes the treatment of waste, asking tourists to minimize it and to bet on vehicles that generate less pollution. Among them of course are motorcycles, since their emissions volume is less than that of cars.

From an environmental point of view, motorcycles are an efficient solution to help decongest traffic, rationalize transport spending and face the challenges of climate change.

9. Incredible landscapes

Spain has incredible landscapes and the best thing is that you don´t need days and days driving to change the views: in a few hours you can go from crossing dry areas and stretched-out plains to touring winding mountains surrounded by trees and green landscapes. It really is a perfect destination to visit it on a bike. Without a doubt, it´s a destination where you´ll find a wide variety of landscapes and environments without having to clock up too many kilometres.

10. It´s a lot of fun.

If you´ve never experienced the pleasure of riding a motorcycle, don’t doubt that travelling to Spain and renting a motorcycle will be an experience that will fascinate you.

11. Why rent a motorcycle with Beebiker? Security and experience.

For long-distance trips, it´s best to have a motorcycle that guarantees the necessary features for spending many hours on the road. At Beebiker we take care of everything in order to offer you a motorcycle in perfect condition and ready for a long trip. In addition, we´ll advise you on everything related to the trip and don´t forget we have insurance that covers all unforeseen events.

Because when it comes to motorcycle safety and efficiency, it’s better not to risk anything.

We know that it´s a great plan to come to Spain and rent a motorcycle for touring around the country at your whim. Travelling by motorcycle is nothing like doing it by car. This may seem obvious to you, but a biker knows perfectly well what we mean. The relationship with the route, with the road, the need to know how to pack because space is limited, the breeze on your face, being exposed to the elements, fatigue, fun, colours and smells … everything is different on two wheels and discovering it is something we recommend to those who haven´t had the opportunity to do so. It´s never too late and the experience will be unforgettable, we guarantee it.

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