What to pack in your bags for a motorcycle trip?

What to pack in your bags for a motorcycle trip?

Holidays are around the corner, and finally the moment to enjoy what you’ve been dreaming of all year… getting on a bike, taking to the road and travelling kilometres without having to think about anything else except where you’ll make then next stop. Feeling the breeze, the freedom you get being on two wheels and communing with nature are things you can only feel when you get on a motorcycle. Before you start to enjoy that moment however, you’ve got to prepare your dreaded luggage. How to take everything you need? What is really necessary and what can I leave at home? Don’t worry, at Beebiker we’ll make it easy for you and we’ve come up with this article to help you prepare your baggage so you can fully enjoy the experience of travelling by motorcycle.

  1. Type of luggage

Travelling by motorcycle has peculiarities, and one of them is that you can’t just choose any type of luggage to take what is needed. You can choose between three options:

  • Backpack. The material is usually soft and its space is limited, as is how much weight you can carry. In case of rain, what you have inside might get wet. You’ve got to carry it on your back, so it’s not the most comfortable.
  • Travel cases. They can be soft or hard and waterproof material, so in case of rain, your things will be safe. They’re placed on the sides of the bike and have enough space to carry things.
  • Saddlebags. They must be soft to adapt to the bike, the material is usually not waterproof, so in case of rain, your belongings might get wet. They shouldn’t be over-packed and you’ve got to be careful not to burn them on the exhaust pipe.
  1. Documents.
  • Always carry documentation where you can have easy access to it. In case you are stopped by police and you have to take it out, it wouldn’t be very practical to empty all your bags to show it.
  • Have a scanned copy on your mobile, tablet or laptop. People used to take along photocopies but with new technology it’s sufficient to have this scanned, and you only have to print it out if necessary.
  1. List of everything you need. Making a list with all the things you’ve got to take is a practical way for not leaving anything behind, especially the essentials
  2. Plastic bags. Keeping your stuff in plastic bags is always convenient, in this way you will ensure that even if it rains, everything will stay dry.
  3. Clothing:
  • Take disposable t-shirts to wear while on the bike. Make use of those shirts that you’ve accumulated throughout the year and you’re not using day-to-day. On the one hand, you won’t have to worry about washing them at the same time, and when you throw them away you’ll free up space in your luggage for possible purchases.
  • Underwear. Take along a pair for each day, roll them up and stick them in the free spaces. You can buy disposable underwear, although this will be a bit more expensive, you can throw them away later and don’t have to worry about washing them.
  • All clothing must be rolled up and placed in the spaces of the suitcase: pants, shirts, socks, sweaters and pyjamas.
  1. Footwear
  • Motorcycle boots. Essential. In case of an accident, your feet and front of your legs are protected.
  • Comfortable shoes. Depending on the season you are in, choose shoes that take up little space and are comfortable.
  • If you use public showers or swimming pools, make sure you avoid getting foot fungus.
  1. Outerwear. Having a motorcycle jacket is sufficient protection from the cold. You should add on a waterproof suit if it isn’t Gore-Tex.
  2. Reflective vest. It is important to wear highly visible clothing in order to make it easier for others to see you, especially if you travel in the winter or spring months and on busy roads.
  3. First aid kit. With the basics: plasters, bandages, scissors, tape, paracetamol…
  4. Use small water bottles with the amount needed for the days you’ll be travelling and always keep them in plastic bags in case there’s a spill so your clothes won’t get wet.
  5. Motorcycle smart phone mount. If you’re going to use your mobile as a GPS, you should have it in plain sight without having to hold it in your hands.
  6. Puncture repair-kit. Don’t let a puncture ruin the day. Take along a kit in order to fix the tyre in case it’s necessary.
  7. Miscellaneous. They say that life experience is equivalent to a degree, and according to Alberto, after years of doing road trips, “there are several things you shouldn’t leave behind if you travel by motorbike: a multipurpose knife, a flashlight, padlocks, sunscreen and an extra set of motorcycle key

If you already have a clear idea of how to pack your luggage and what to put in, all you have to do is plan your route, put on your helmet and get on the bike. At Beebiker, we want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest, so we give you two options:

  1. Rent the bike you want from our BMW fleet and tailor the trip to your liking.
  2. Join one of our tours, where you won’t have to worry about anything. We’ll point out the routes, stops and the hotels to you. You only have to enjoy the landscapes.

Don’t hesitate and take the step to make that motorcycle dream trip come true. Make your vacation an unbeatable memory.

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