Everything You Need to Tour Europe by Motorcycle

Everything You Need to Tour Europe by Motorcycle

If you’re thinking about renting a motorcycle to explore new cities, I’m sure you’ll be interested in what we have to offer. At Beebiker we make it easy for you to motorcycle through Spain and Europe. We place a fleet of fully equipped BMW motorcycles at your disposal. Choose the one that best suits your needs and let’s start this trip together!

Beebiker: Ride through Spain and Europe

If you want to ride through Spain and Europe, we are your best bet, offering a simple and high-quality rental service. We provide original Vario racks and the Navigator GPS, both by BMW. Keep in mind that it is very important to have the best gear for your adventures, which we provide so that you can focus on nothing but enjoying your adventure to the fullest.

What’s more, if you choose to rent for more than four days, you will enjoy unlimited mileage and, when renting a BMW motorcycle, we offer free home drop-off and pick-up, as our goal is to make motorcycle rental in Spain simple, fast and convenient. And don’t worry if you want to rent a bike elsewhere in Europe, because our service is just as convenient throughout.

Finally, if you want to avoid last-minute hassles, you can pick up your bike one day early (before the scheduled pick-up), and we also offer a late drop-off option (one day afterwards, by 10 am), at no additional cost. As you can see, the benefits are many and varied, so let’s take a good look at all the reasons you should choose us.

Beebiker’s Competitive Advantages

When we created our brand we were very clear about the need to offer high-quality motorcycle tourism, featuring new motorcycles, in perfect condition. Thus, we take these founding principles very seriously, renewing our fleet every year.

More and more people today are passionate about motorcycling and enjoying the scenery, as the two go hand in hand. This is why we offer you optimal trip planning (in Spain or in Europe) and a wide variety of options.​

Making your motorcycling dreams come true, we offer you advantages setting us apart from the competition:

Unlimited mileage on all rentals of four days or more.

We don’t want your trip’s duration or route to be a problem, so we offer you unlimited mileage.

​ Original BMW Navigator GPS included.

Convenience is key to an enjoyable trip, and with this GPS you can get anywhere you want. It is easy to use, handily mounted between the handlebars.

Did you know that our GPS service is free?

  • Free home drop-off.

GPS rental on motorcycle rentals of at least four days is free.  So, if you decide to extend your trip – no problem. If you don’t, you can always choose the GSP option for only 30 euros.

  • Pick-up first thing in the morning.

Actually, you can pick up your motorcycle the day before your reservation, starting at 6 in the afternoon, thereby avoiding last-minute hassles, and beginning your trip right, full of possibilities.

  • Late return.

And you can return your bike the day after your last scheduled rental day, up until 10 am.

What makes us the best option to rent a motorcycle?

It doesn’t matter if you are in a different location than ours, as we’ll take the motorcycle wherever you tell us. You heard that right: if you want to rent a motorcycle in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Bilbao, among other cities, we’ll take it to wherever you live. But this isn’t the only service we offer you.

What do we offer you when you rent a motorcycle with us?

  • A fleet of high-quality motorcycles. Don’t take any unnecessary risks when renting a motorcycle.

The latest from BMW, on roads for less than 18 months, and fully equipped. Being able to enjoy the latest motorcycle models by BMW is, without a doubt, a wonderful experience. In this kind of tourism some companies skimp on the appearance and performance of the motorcycles they rent, but not us. We are acutely aware that this is an aspect that marks the difference between real motorcycle professionals and enthusiasts, and the rest. Don’t miss out on the experience that we have to offer. Our mechanics inspect our bikes before every rental to ensure that everything is all set and ready to go.

  • Local knowledge of the area, to make your motorcycle journey a success.

We know the areas like the backs of our hands, and we also speak the language, all so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll take you to explore the most wonderful places in each area we visit.

  • Professional guides, working just for Bee Biker

We only work with top professional guides, because your safety is the most important thing to us. We also know several languages, ​​and take care of everything so that you can focus on enjoying your motorcycling experience.

  • The most exciting motorcycling routes

As motorcycle enthusiasts, our rides are thoroughly planned, right down to the last detail. We know what you’re looking for, because we enjoy motorcycling as much as you do. We design routes so that all our customers have as much fun as us. This way, you’ll be telling your friends and acquaintances about how special the routes you took were.

  • Accommodations, for when you need to rest

If you want to explore Europe, rent a BMW motorcycle, and enjoy both the journey and your stays along the way. If you want to rent a motorcycle to ride around Spain, you should be aware of some very special places to stay here: the country’s paradors, palaces or castles that have been transformed into comfortable historic hotels. Staying at these unique accommodations is an unforgettable experience. After falling into disuse, these sites were carefully remodelled and revamped to serve as hotels, offering their guests the utmost in comfort. You’re bound to want to return and do it again. Do you want to start?

  • Tow service 24/7 if you have problems with your motorcycle

If someone in the group needs assistance, we have a 24/7 tow service throughout Europe, to get your bike to the closest workshop, regardless of the day and time.

With us, enjoy tours in tours in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and France

Finally, we encourage you to use the REVER network, to share your experiences with the rest of the motorcycling community. After all, if something is really great, we have to tell people about it, right?

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