Touring Spain on a motorcycle

Touring Spain on a motorcycle

We share all the secrets about this country, so you can enjoy it to the fullest

Who doesn’t dream of traveling? Spending our time and money on special experiences and exploring new places may be the best investments we make in our lives. More and more people are choosing to visit Spain. And, if you like travelling on two wheels, what better way to see it than by renting a motorcycle?

Spain boasts a multitude of roads, landscapes and culture to enjoy, from its magnificent highways, to the cheerful people you’ll find in its towns. And, of course, its beaches and mountains, full of activities to enjoy, whether alone or with others.

Many Beaches, But Even More Mountains

Spain offers some 7,500 – 8,000 km of coastline and more than 3,000 beaches: in the north, on the Cantabrian Sea; and, in the east and the south, on the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic. Its beaches are major tourism sites, thanks to their quality, cleanliness, and the festive atmosphere found in their bars, restaurants and nearby cities.

Spain today is a very modern country. It also offers a great number of nude beaches.

Discover the beaches of Galicia, also called “the Spanish Caribbean” for its crystal-clear waters and white sand. Of special note are the beaches of the Basque Country, such as La Concha, in San Sebastián; and that of Valdevaqueros, in Cádiz, with its golden sand dunes.

If you are a biker and impressed by its beaches, just imagine its mountains! Accounting for 13% of the country’s entire surface area, their beauty and soaring heights will take your breath away. Don’t miss the Monte Perdido in the Pyrenees of Huesca, the Montes de Toledo, and Los Picos de Europa, some of the country’s most important mountains, and a World Heritage Site since 1997. In León, you cannot miss Las Médulas, a mountainous area by the Sil River.

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Excellent Roads for Motorcycling!

European motorcycle rental experts know that Spain can boast of having one of the best road networks on the Continent, ahead of the likes of the Netherlands and Belgium. The network covers approximately 165,000 km and, of these, 17,000 are superhighways, highways and multi-lane roads.

Spain also benefits from very safe roads. In fact, it is a very highly regarded country in the motorcycling community. Its highways offer safety elements for motorcyclists, such as guardrails.
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The ease with which one finds gas stations is another key aspect on roads, as well as service areas, to rest, have a snack, or use the bathroom. In this regard, Spain ensures a safe trip and a variety of services, right at your fingertips. Also, don’t forget that, thanks to its geographical situation, Spain is a gateway to the rest of Europe, with many airports offering daily flights to any part of the Continent; and it is a “bridge” to Morocco by motorbike, something you cannot miss.

Europe’s Best Climate

Spain enjoys one of the best climates in all of Europe. What will most strike you is its variety, depending on where you are, ranging from very mild to soaring temperatures. This is a big plus for you, as you can enjoy whatever kind of weather you prefer, traveling to certain places in the country by renting a BMW motorcycle, for example.

If you want to flee from the winter cold, you can choose a city to do so. Heading to Málaga or Alicante, for example, may be good options to avoid chilly winter temperatures.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to beat the heat in the summer, you can take refuge in the north. In the Pyrenees, for example, you’ll find castles, rocky landscapes and the town of Jaca (Huesca). Many others say that Cantabria is the perfect place to escape the heat in the summer, with its mild temperatures, around 25ºC, and its wonderful beaches.

A Broad Range of Landscapes

Renting a motorcyle in Spain means enjoying a dream-like variety of landscapes, from caverns with lakes, to waterfalls, to the sight of sand and carved basalt.
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In the province of Málaga, for example, you will find a karstic countryside: the Torcal de Antequera, full of strange geographic features, as if someone had carved it out by hand. This is the art of nature. And don’t be surprised if you come across a mountain goat or two.

Spain has thousands of species that you won’t find anywhere else in Europe, both flora and fauna. You may spot a bearded vulture, wildcat, or wild boar, among other animals.

You can also enjoy a variety of different natural terrain, from Mediterranean, to oceanic, to mountain. On the eastern side its rivers are slight, except for a few, like the mighty Ebro, which runs through Zaragoza. Its Atlantic rivers, in contrast, are long and abundant.

In Galicia, a must-see are its towering, eroded, arch-like cliffs, seemingly sculpted in the Gothic style (specifically, at the Playa de las Catedrales). In Navarra, meanwhile, you can enjoy desert scenery, such as the one you’ll find at Las Bardenas Reales, with its striking, matchless combination of plaster and sandstone.

If you ride through Spain, be sure not to miss out on its exceptional cuisine

We all like to experience new flavours. You can eat well anywhere in Spain, from a bar to a 5-star restaurant, and enjoy its excellent Mediterranean cuisine, with food that is famous for being as nutritious as it is delicious.
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Some typical dishes that you absolutely must try are its famed potato omelet, Andalusian gazpacho, and squid in its ink, from Navarre. In Valencia the signature offering is paella, a delicious rice dish with an assortment of ingredients. In the Basque Country, try the chicharro al chacolí, a delicious oily fish dish. In Teruel, order the migas (sautéed breadcrumbs) with oil and garlic, accompanied by chorizo ​​and grapes. In Catalonia, don’t forget to enjoy the escalivada (grilled vegetables), with red pepper and eggplant. Nor should you miss out on Madrid’s cocido madrileño, a delicious specialty three hours in the making, based on chickpeas and meat. If you have more of a sweet tooth, you must try the Tarta de Santiago (cake) in Galicia, although the main attraction in this region is its seafood.

Take time to enjoy every moment while you tour Spain on a motorcycle

When you opt to come to Spain, you know you’re going to enjoy wonderful mountain landscapes, friendly people, and its unique cuisine. Every corner of this land is different, and each will surprise you in its own way. So, don’t hesitate. You’re going to have a blast on your motorcycle trip across Spain!

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