Motorcycle tour around Andalucia, rev up your motor

Motorcycle tour around Andalucia, rev up your motor

Whoever said holidays were only for summertime?

You too can join our “bikers” (to coin a phrase) because taking a break is a brave thing to do.

Let’s on a Tour around Andalucia, the Land of Art in order to re-charge and then go back to daily life with more energy and a new perspective on things. Let nothing stop you!

When we start a new route, we live it with enthusiasm, but the intensity of day to day can overwhelm us. Although things might not always go perfectly according to plan, those of us with an adventurous spirit won’t go backwards, even to gain momentum.

Fans of riding really know that when you’re on a bike, you see everything better. That’s why we’ve created this authentic and passionate tour around Andalucia during autumn, so that you can balance out the year and finish it with more energy.

Live our tour around Andalucia, Land of Art

Get on a BMW to ride the roads that will take us through the most famous towns of this wonderful region. This trip has everything you love: great roads, amazing landscapes, superb gastronomy and a fantastic environment for experiencing it all in good company.

Andalucia is the Spanish region with the best climate and historic patrimony, one of the reasons it’s the preferred destination of the tourists that come to visit. It also stands out for its kilometres of coastline and coastal cities and towns that are well known internationally.


The architecture is one of the most important attractions. The Moorish details, the typical villas and the white-washed houses that dot villages and mountainsides are very popular with visitors. It’s all the result of cultural mixture that lasted centuries.


The “art of andalucian tapas”. Small portions of quality cuisine accompanied by good wine or cold beer. In all of Andalucia you’ll enjoy great tapas, local quality products and rather tasty. As well as great fresh produce straight from the garden that make two of the most typical dishes: gazpacho and salmorejo. Exquisite and easy to eat, that go along with the traditional dishes from each region.


Flamenco is all around Andalucia’s towns and streets. The dancers show off their polka dot dresses to sing and dance in the taverns to the rhythm of the Spanish guitar, while the spectator becomes thrilled with so much art and passion.


Another attraction of Andalucia are the beaches, all along the Mediterranean as well as the Atlantic Ocean. The coast has exceptional paradise-like landscapes. From touristy spots full of life to pristine fine-sand beaches, there are amazing sights that you’ll never forget.


The warmth and friendliness of the residents in the south has become another tourist attraction making visitors feel right at home. A sense of joy permeates the Andalucian streets and this energy is contagious. There is a reason why the south of Europe is the favourite destination of foreigners.


Stages of the tour, 9 days

Ride across Andalucia on a BMW motorcycle in 9 stages, leaving and returning to Malaga.

Day 1 – Reception in Malaga

We’ll pick you up at the airport. There will be a welcome meeting for everyone to get to know each other and to comment on the Tour. The city of Malaga is worth seeing and touring around on the first day. After dinner, you’ll have a good rest in order to start the big adventure that awaits us.

Day 2 – Trip to Granada

Do you want to go through the Sierra Nevada by motorcycle? We leave in the morning all geared up for doing all those curves on the way. We go through Granada, historical cradle of the Moorish empire in Spain and we’ll enjoy the sights from atop the highest mountains. History, art and nature all seen from two wheels.

Motorcycle Tour Europe

Day 3 – Monuments at Ubeda

We head towards the north to the province of Jaen. You’ll love the curves of the Sierra de Cazorla and the lovely mountainous countryside. On the way we’ll go through enchanting olive groves until we reach Ubeda, a UNESCO world heritage site. We’ll feel back in the Renaissance thanks to its buildings and atmosphere.

Day 4 – Guadalquivir Route

From the mountains towards seal-level, Cordoba awaits us. One of the loveliest cities in Andalucia, with its gorgeous architecture, floral decorated streets, the Mezquita and the Patio de los Naranjos. We’ll see the source of the Guadalquivir river and its course.

Day 5 – Arrival at Seville

What more could be said about Seville? It’s spectacular, monumental and with enormous Spanish flair. One of the obligatory visits of the Tour and which many of our bikers really love. We’ll arrive at the city by following the flow of the Guadalquivir until Triana.

Day 6 – Day to Rest

In Seville we’ll make a stop to have a free day and meander through its streets, the plazas, the bars and if possible, a flamenco tavern.

Motorcycle Tour Europe

Day 7 –We’ll visit Tarifa

Would you like to see Africa from Europe? With our visit to Tarifa we’ll be at the southernmost tip of the peninsula. From there, the Strait of Gibraltar and the African continent in the background is a welcoming site.

Day 8 – Return to Malaga

Once again we’ll be on the highway and then head east. We’ll visit the Serrania de Ronda natural park, stopping at this magical and ancient spot. After enjoying the area, we’ll head back out and it takes about 100km to reach our destination.

Day 9 – Last day of the Adventure

After these intoxicating days, it’s time to say goodbye to the magic of Andalucia, the Land of Art, and our fellow travellers and see you all the next time!

We’re looking forward to meeting all you bikers. Choose your favourite BMW and don’t miss this opportunity to travel in October around the roads of the south.


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