The Camino Tour, a round-trip around northern Spain

The Camino Tour, a round-trip around northern Spain

If your dream is to travel around the north of Spain from east to west and you are an inveterate motorcycle enthusiast, you are in luck.

Let’s do the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago) Beebiker style.

If you’ve always wanted to get to know northern Spain and would love to see the Way of St. James, but you never found time, now you can do both at the same time in an agile and very entertaining way.

You’ll be able to make a very complete round trip. You’ll experience the best motorcycle routes in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and you’ll travel the Camino de Santiago on two wheels.

Live the exciting adventure of pilgrims in a different way!

Beebiker has organized The Camino Tour, a motorcycle tour around northern Spain so you don’t miss out on the most interesting of this historic region. You’ll see the most beautiful landscapes and villages, the most exciting motorcycle routes, lush, green nature and a varied cuisine to regain strength.

It’s our very own Way of St. James “Camino de Santiago”.

A route that we’ll do in reverse, from west to east, from Santiago de Compostela towards France, and then we’ll travel along the traditional direction.

If you ever wanted to do the Camino, but you never dared, now you have the opportunity to live it on a motorcycle.

Other riders like you will join our group to share this fabulous route together. Won’t you come and live this magical experience on two wheels?

The Camino Tour, motorcycles and companionship

Many pilgrims arrive in Santiago, but not so many do it by motorcycle, and less so on a round trip.

On The Camino Tour you’ll have the opportunity to ride a fully equipped BMW for 14 days along a must-see route for those who love nature, culture and great food.

More than 1000 km of winding roads await us!

You’ll feel the thrill of riding through the most enigmatic mountains with the wind as a faithful companion. You’ll breathe in the fresh air of the seaside that will guide us, and you’ll experience the thrill of arriving in a Santiago after a long journey, just like the other pilgrams.

We wanted to put together a very special route for our most passionate and spiritual bikers, so they can feel the excitement on two wheels while enjoying a journey as old as the more than 11 centuries of history that the Camino de Santiago has.

It’s not just about doing a motorcycle tour, it’s about all the riders coming together as a coexisting group and celebrating friendship and companionship.

Our very own special Camino de Santiago

From Santiago towards France along the coast and back again to Santiago through the interior.

Alquiler de motos Madrid


Our motorcycle tour will be a round-trip.

This is because we have planned some daily stages designed to get to know the northern part of Spain in depth.

We’ll leave from Santiago de Compostela and from there we’ll ride out to the northwest end along the Cantabrian route, with the sea in the background until we almost reach the border with France.

This will give us time to ride, enjoy the roads and rest. Thus, once the first week of the tour is over, we’ll take a break to savor the local cuisine and take an excursion to an emblematic town in the Basque Country region.

In the second week of the tour we’ll make a biker pilgrimage.

Here the route really begins that will take us along the Camino de Santiago. A route marked by the history of the places that pilgrims have frequented for centuries.

Our pilgramage will bear witness to the mountains, and all the villages and towns that dot the Camino. We won’t lose sight of all the treasures of the St. James Way: gothic churches, monasteries, cathedrals, lofty peaks and valleys, palaces and Galician estates, and all the beauty of nature.

And if you think the camino was good, the end will be amazing.

Our arrival in Santiago de Compostela will be the goal. The Plaza del Obradoiro with the Cathedral and the remains of the Apostle St. James will be our last stop before entering the pilgrim’s mass and contemplating the immense thurible.

A golden grand finale to finish off our tremendous tour.

Two weeks of coexistence and physical and spiritual enjoyment.

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