The definitive guide to the best motorcycle routes in Spain and Portugal

The definitive guide to the best motorcycle routes in Spain and Portugal

Life would not exist without bees. The same thing happens to a motorcyclist without a motorcycle. Motorcycle routes are made for adventurers. The truth is, there is nothing like a good biker route for finding oneself and connecting with nature. So be prepared. In this post we’ll tell you all about the best routes and the essentials to pack in your bags when you take a motorcycle trip. A motorcyclist knows that a trip like this is something unique:  Not only do you visit cities and towns when you ride a bike, you feel their buzz.

And if your motorcycle adventure passes through Spain and Portugal, you’re in luck. Both countries are full of incredible and exiting routes for bikers, being the Gateway to Europe. However, I’m sure you do not have all the time you’d like to travel the entire Iberian Peninsula. That’s why we are going to describe to you the best crossings that can be done in different regions of Spain and Portugal. But first, let’s take a look at what you should pack. Remember that by renting a BMW bike with Beebiker, you’ll have three original suitcases to fill, so in order to pack smart, keep reading.

Don’t miss out on the best routes you can take with your motorbike rental. We’ll tell you all about them!

What to pack in my bags for my motorcycle trip

Travel bags on bikes obviously have smaller volumes than those for cars. Therefore, it’s important to be organized, as well as practical, if you want the motorcycle trip to be the best from the start to the finish. If you want the rumble of your bike to be heard, pay attention to our tips for carrying luggage on a motorcycle trip.
First of all, we recommend you take less clothes than usual. Don’t carry more clothing that you’ll use on the bike. When you’re on a bike all day, less is needed. Socks must be comfortable as well as good sturdy motorcycle boots that are essential for your safety. You don’t need to show up already loaded down with jacket, gloves and a helmet. We can rent them out to you. Just let us know before you arrive.

In addition, we recommend that you always take personal hygiene products in plastic containers, as they could spill or leak. Also carry a first-aid kit and spare glasses if you use them. You’re bound to have great weather on your motorcycle trip, so sunscreen lotion will come in handy.

Don’t forget to take everything along in plastic bags! This way you’ll always keep all the contents dry.

The essentials for your motorcycle trip

In addition to what was mentioned, you’ll need good gloves during the trip. At the same time, we recommend that you take a raincoat and a reflective vest. A support for your mobile phone is handy as well. These are basic items that, coming from experience, one should never forget to take along.

In addition, it’s convenient to carry a puncture repair kit and an anti-fog spray. Needless to say, you must carry a first-aid kit, it’s fundamental. But as for a GPS you don’t have to worry, we’ll include the official BMW GPS, Navigator V!

One of the most important things that you should not forget is to always carry your personal documents, as well as those for the motorcycle either in a backpack that you take separately or in an accessible place, in a pocket of the jacket. You may need these at any time and it is convenient to have them handy, so as not to unfasten all of the luggage.

Now that it’s clear what you should pack in the motorcycle bags, let’s plan the routes!

The best motorcycle routes around Madrid

San Fernando de Henares motorcycle route

One of the best routes for enjoying your motorcycle rental in Madrid is the San Fernando de Henares route, in the direction towards Santos de la Humosa. In general, the roads are in very good condition and you’ll pass by the Almoguera reservoir. This section already is part of Castilla-La Mancha and after that it keeps on going to the Community of Madrid province.

The most difficult part of the trip is perhaps when you cross the Tajo river, although there is usually no problem during warmer seasons. The route is 151 kilometres long and takes approximately three hours.

This way, you’ll first go towards Mejorada del Campo and then onwards to Campo Real. Later, the route heads towards Carabaña, and from there to Brea de Tajo and to Almoguera. From Almoguera you’ll go to Zorita de los Canes and from there to Hueva, then to Pozo de Guadalajara and finally to Los Santos de la Humosa.

Torrelaguna circular route

A second route you can do is the Torrelaguna circular route. We recommend that you choose this one, if what you enjoy most is the sierra mountain landscape. In addition, it is an easy trip to make and you won’t find any problem reaching it. Half is paved and half is a dirt track.

The circular zone is dominated by the El Vado reservoir and the Jarama river. The total distance is around 140 kilometres and more or less it lasts about five hours. The route goes from Torrelaguna to Patones and from there to Valdesotos. After that it goes on to Valdesotos, Campillejo, Bocigano, Colmenar de la Sierra and finally to Torrelaguna.

The Santos de la Humosa route towards El Tiemblo

This is also a circular trip. It goes towards the Puerto de Cruz Verde, but to do this you’ll have to travel through San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

Then, you’ll have to go down towards Robledo de la Chavela, but we recommend that you take the road to Cebreros. Moreover, it’s advisable to make a stop in Navaluenga to rest. In the hottest seasons, we recommend stopping in several places to rest and cool off.

The distance of the route is about 370 kilometres and lasts approximately thirteen hours. The itinerary goes from Los Santos de la Humosa to Alcala de Henares.

Later you will go from Torrejon de Ardoz in the direction towards Pozuelo, to Las Rozas and then to San Lorenzo de El Escorial. From Cebreros you will travel to El Tiemblo, to San Martin de Valdeiglesias, Navas del Rey and then to Villaviciosa de Odon. Finally, the route will continue from Coslada to Torrejon de Ardoz and from there to Los Santos de la Humosa.

Motorcycle routes through natural landscapes

If you desire even more natural landscapes, then your route is the Presa Puente Viejas one heading towards El Pozo de Guadalajara. There are a lot of places to stop and connect with nature. In addition, the roads are usually in good condition. The distance is 150 kilometres and the duration is about seven hours.

Between these two locations, you’ll go through Viejas, through Pradena del Rincon, Puebla de la Sierra, Robledillo de la Jara, El Berrueco, Uceda, Usanos and through Cabanillas del Campo.

Moreover, the route through the North Sierra of Madrid is a great idea if you want to keep gazing at nature and, in turn, leave the heat behind.

This consists of following the outline of the mountains, visiting spectacular sites as the Cueva del Chorrillo, which is located in Tamajon. It’s also worth seeing the Atazar reservoir. To do this route you’ll travel about 130 kilometres for eight hours, not counting the times you want to stop and enjoy the views.

Most attractive routes on a motorcycle in Barcelona

One of the routes that we recommend you to do for your motorcycle rental in Barcelona is the Montseny route, especially if you like to visit forests. It’s a natural park that can be reached by taking the C-33 from the Gothic Quarter. It has a lot of curves beginning from Seva.

From Seva, we recommend that you go to Viladrau, with spectacular bridges and waterfalls. If you set out towards Turo de l’Home, you’ll visit the highest mountain in all of Montseny. And from there, go on to Trencat in order to bathe in the Tordera river. On the way back, it’s worth visiting the coastal promenade.

Another of the most interesting routes is the Garraf Park. It’s an amazing site, and not only will you be visiting one of the most important ecological reserves in Barcelona, but also all of Catalonia. The start of this route is located on the road from Barcelona to Castelldefels. Although there are several curves, the road is in very good condition. Also, after all of them you can enjoy the view and look off.

Once you have reached the viewpoint, it is worthwhile to stop to appreciate the landscape. The beauty of the sea will surely dazzle you. Once you continue, keep ascending. The coastal landscape will be transformed, but the views will always remain spectacular.

Along your way, you will reach the road to Palau Novella. Visit its Buddhist monastery hidden in the mountains, making the most of your motorcycle rental in Barcelona. If you want to continue changing landscapes, take the BV-2111 road. It will take you in the direction of Olivella, a unique little village. It stands out especially for its rural architecture. Then, continue your route to Canyellas and visit the castle.

If you aren’t tired yet, visit the areas near the Parc de Foix, as well as the Castellet. Go to Sitges and from there, you can return to Barcelona following the C-32. This route will be approximately 42 kilometres.

One very special route to take advantage of is the one that runs along the entire coastline of Barcelona. It’s about four and a half kilometres long. This is the coast of the area of Ciutat Vella and Sant Marti.

Travelling the Way of St. James by motorcycle

One of the best experiences you can live through with your motorbike rental in Spain is to do the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago). The experience gives you everything at once: touring, connection with yourself, culture, new dishes to try, perhaps religiosity, but always spirituality.

The most common way is to do it on foot, although many pilgrims prefer to do it by cycling. But what we love the most is to travel the Way of St. James on a motorcycle. Are you up for it?

The experience of doing the Way of St. James by motorcycle is a great opportunity for you to enjoy the complete and original route. In addition, this opportunity will be mixed with the new knowledge of perfect roads and views of unique landscapes as well as new places.

You can set out a much more complete route thanks to doing it by motorcycle. In turn, you’ll have more time and tranquillity to enjoy all of its aspects. Whether the culture, cuisine or landscapes, among others, along the entire Way of St. James.

The routes are usually planned to take over a week. Eight or nine days would be the ideal amount of time for visiting the autonomous provinces through which it passes. For example, you can visit Castile and Leon, Asturias or Cantabria, as well as Galicia.

A unique opportunity, if you have the chance, is to make your trip longer and use your motorcycle rental inside Portugal. To do that you can travel the Way of St. James using the French Route, which is one of the most common. In the end, everything is up to you and according to your tastes and priorities.

Let yourself fall in love with these biker route, we’re recommending you the best ones!

Best motorcycle routes in Portugal

If you want to add kilometres to your motorcycle rental, go to Portugal. This country, as well as being close, has some novel and incomparable landscapes and the best thing is that you can start the trip in Spain. The route goes through Spain and then crosses one of its points at the border.

Our recommended routes do not focus on the main roads of Portugal, as they always have too much traffic. We prefer to recommend secondary roads that, in addition, allow you to see beautiful landscapes. Some of the sections have many curves and in others you just have to follow a straight path and go right up to the north of Portugal.

A good option for your motorcycle ride through Portugal is to do the route that borders its west coast. For this, you can take national roads. Two examples would be the N-268 or the N-120. We recommend this suggestion because both will let you deviate and visit unique places like Praia do Monte Clerigo, or the incredible views of the Portuguese coast like Cape Sines.

However, you can also follow your route on the A2 highway. This will take you to one of the largest wetlands in Portugal: the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve.

If you want to include Lisbon within your visit, the best way to do it is to make your route following the 25 de Abril Bridge, or the Vasco da Gama Bridge. In addition, you can take a detour towards the national road 6 and skirt the area of Portugal that has the shape of a nose on the map. A great option if you like your biker route full of curves.

On the other hand, there is also a good route towards Oporto. Although you always have the option of doing it by highway, we recommend you cross the Serras de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park or the Estrela Natural Park. The views are always going to be better than those of any highway and you will surely fall in love.

Although you will have to park the bike for a while to go the way walking, we recommend that you visit the Dunas de San Jacinto in Portugal and the Ria de Aveiro. From there, you can cross the border into Galicia also by highway if you are in a hurry.  Although, as always, we recommend an alternative route with curves and above all, many landscapes and nature like the Montesinho Natural Park.

Motorcycle roads in Portugal and southern Spain

If you want to rent a motorbike in Spain in the south and then finish your route in Portugal, we have to applaud you on your choice. Without a doubt, it’s a route you will enjoy and the best known of them is the one that goes along the Via del Infante, from Ayamonte (Huelva) and goes towards the Algarve. So you will end up really enjoying your motorcycle rental in Portugal. For this route you’ll have to follow the A-22.

If you like more mountainous landscapes, we recommend you travel north of Seville. The 600 curves road is an unbeatable environment. This route is a challenge for bikers. You can go from Cazalla to San Nicolas del Puerto and visit the Hueznar waterfalls.

Another option is to take your route through Cadiz in the most Atlantic part. So we recommend you start in Tarifa and go on to Lentiscal, Zahara de los Atunes and Caños de Meca. You’ll stop at the Los Alcornocales natural park, the Dune of Bolonia, the Barbate marshes and you’ll go on towards the famous beaches of Caños de Meca.

If you later want to head to Portugal from the south, your best option is the Algarve. We recommend that you take advantage of Faro as a rallying point if you need an excuse to visit it. In any case you are in luck, because when your favourite season comes around to do the biker route, Portugal is a country that has a fantastic climate year-round in the south. So you can make the most of your motorcycle rental in Portugal in any month.

Even in summer, it’s not too hot thanks to the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to go to the south of Portugal, we recommend that you follow the national highway 125. It goes along the south coast of Portugal and it’s very pleasant to cross. However, if you especially like curves or prefer landscapes only seen on routes made through mountains and sierra, you’ll have to go a little further inland.

The route that we recommend in this case is that once you get to Faro, you’ll go in the direction of Sao Bras de Alportel. Then, continue towards Barranco Velho, where you’ll have spectacular mountain landscapes. From there, we recommend you continue towards Sao Bartolomeu de Messines and then towards Silves. From there, the path that we recommend you follow is the one that goes to Monchique, then to Portimao, and later to Lagos and Cabo de San Vicente.

When you are in Faro, as we have mentioned, the first thing you will see is Sao Bras. To get to Barranco Velho you will have to follow the National 2.

To do a route somewhat shorter than the others, since it only has 100 kilometres, one option is to go from Lagos to Faro or vice versa. This way, what you’ll see are mainly its coastal landscapes, since it borders all the southern area of Portugal.

The route of Casteles in Huelva

You can also choose to do the route of Castles in Huelva on your motorcycle. The tour starts by going to the city of Aroche on the N-441. Later, we recommend that you continue with your bike on the N-431 and turn right onto the A-495 and then turn towards the N-433. The weather is usually great, so stop and enjoy it. Later, take the HU-8101 to return to where you started. The route is approximately 131 kilometres.

As for the distances, when you leave Aroche, you’ll have about 41 kilometres to Encinasola. From there, there’ll only be 17 and a half kilometres to Cumbres de San Bartolome and from there to Cumbres Mayores, it will be about a 13 minute trip along 10 kilometres.

Later you’ll have to go in the direction of Cala, where you will take more time, since it’s about 40 kilometres. Later until Santa Olalla del Cala you only have to travel 12 kilometres on your motorcycle. From there to Aracena, it’s already 41 kilometres, but the estimated time is less, since it can take about 15 minutes, thanks to the conditions of the road and there being fewer curves.

The next thing is to go from Aracena to Cortegana about 27 kilometres. Here the time becomes longer and it’ll be about half an hour. On this route you can enjoy the richness of its landscapes with unique fauna. In addition, there is a lot of woody vegetation, as well as irrigated grasses and reforestation done with piñotero pines.

Another option for touring the south of Andalucia and taking a detour to Portugal is to start from the capital of Huelva. However, if you prefer to continue seeing the south of Spain, we recommend that you head towards Palos de la Frontera.

From there, you can travel 12 kilometres from Huelva in the direction of Mazagon. You’ll enjoy the views of the mouth of the Tinto River. To do this, the road you have to follow is the national road N-442, which passes not only through Palos de la Frontera, but also through the municipality of Moguer.

You could also go from Aroche to Cumbres Mayores. In total, this will be about 52 and a half kilometres in 45 minutes and from Aroche, you’ll see many cultural monuments, such as the historic quarter or Turobriga, an ancient Hispano-Roman city.

When you are going to Cumbres Mayores, you’ll come across Cortegana. It’s a beautiful municipality that is located on top of a hill and will be located in the direction of the Sierra de Aracena and the Picos de Aroche. Once you arrive at Cumbres Mayores, you can go towards Santa Olalla del Cala, which will take almost one hour along 52 kilometres.

You won’t regret visiting this natural environment, such as the pastures or its castle built in the fourteenth century. Around here, you’ll pass through Hinojales and through Cañaveral and Arroyomolinos de Leon. These places have a mild climate and originally were colonized by settlers who came from Leon, hence the name.

Later on, from Santa Olalla de Cala to Aracena you’ll have to travel about 41 kilometres in just over half an hour. If you’re heading west you’ll be on the border with Portugal once you get to Rosal de la Frontera, so you can deviate and continue your route in that country. On this route, you’ll pass by Zufre, which stands out for its landscapes and its reservoirs.

However, if you want to continue travelling through Andalusia, you can continue along the edge of the natural park towards Higuera de la Sierra. You’ll find meadows that have chestnut trees, landscapes with holm oaks and cork trees along your entire route.

Later we recommend a route from Aracena to Alajar, which is 12 kilometres. Moreover, it doesn’t take king since it’s only about 20 minutes. You’ll see new sierra landscapes and a natural park, as well as being able to visit the historical urban centre. Every possibility is mixed into this route in addition to being able to see the Gruta de las Maravillas.

Going from Alajar to Fuenteheridos will only be 6 kilometres and takes 10 minutes. Its streets are small, so we recommend you be careful with the bike or even stop and just do it walking. It’s worth it however, seeing its great rural and architectural beauty.

The best motorcycle routes around Spain and Portugal

We’ve gone through all the routes you can do if you want to travel around Spain and Portugal by motorcycle. Motorcycle routes through the capital of Madrid or the Ciudad Condal, the Way of St. James or the Algarve or Huelva. Here is a guide to combine the beauty of both countries in your trip. Spain and Portugal are a paradise that any biker dreams of. The weather always accompanies the adventure and the start of new passions at every corner and landscape which you’ll never forget. If you wish, we’ll help you with the rental of the motorcycle. Dare, breathe and live out your dream. You’ll want to repeat and whoever tries Beebiker always comes back.

Also, if you rent your motorcycle for more than four days we offer unlimited mileage. In your motorcycle rental, a GPS BMW Navigator V will be included to accompany you in your adventure without losing you. Likewise, for the same rental period we will deliver the motorcycle to wherever you’re staying, at a hotel or another residence, if you wish.

We also offer you the possibility of choosing an Early Pick Up service, which means that you can pick your bike up the day before starting at 6:00 p.m. Moreover, there is no additional charge for it! And we also offer a Late Drop Off service, which means that you can return it the next day at 10:00 a.m.

Travel with our latest fully equipped BMW model motorcycles, and pack the three luggage cases following our advice. What are you waiting for in order to live out one of the best trips of your life?

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