Motorcycle rental in Madrid, the best solution to every need

Motorcycle rental in Madrid, the best solution to every need

Need to rent a motorcycle in Madrid to do a route throughout Spain and Portugal? Are some friends coming to visit and want to surprise them with a motorcycle tour? Would you like to surprise your partner and have a weekend getaway? At Beebiker we make it easy with our latest BMW models.

When you need to rent a motorcycle with the best features, don’t gamble. Rent the best motorcycles on the market. The most important thing is to use a reliable company that offers you guarantees, service and the best selection of motorcycle equipment.

When renting a motorcycle there are several factors that you’ll have to take into account to get the right bike for you or for those who are going to make a reservation. If you’re already a regular biker or motorcyclist, you’ll know the style and characteristics of the different motorcycles on the market. If you’re not, don’t worry. We’ll help you out during the rental process for the BMW motorcycle that best suits your needs.

To get around the city and avoid traffic, the best option is a motorcycle. You’ll get to your destination earlier and you won’t have so many parking and circulation restrictions. If you want to rent an incredible motorcycle for a longer get-away, at Beebiker you’ll find the latest in fully equipped BMWs.

The best motorcycle rental in Madrid

At Beebiker, we’ve been dedicated to BMW motorcycle rentals for 3 years. Their unique characteristics make them unique for engineering, performance and aesthetics. It’s not just about renting a motorcycle to get around, riding a BMW is a different experience. We’re talking about a superior level.

If you want an “ultra powerful” motorcycle in every way, you’ve got it all with our BMWs.

Thanks to our experience we know perfectly what our clients look for on each occasion. It’s not the same going by motorcycle for a few hours in the city than going out on the road and crossing the country from east to west. In both cases you have to adapt to the characteristics offered by each model.

The first consideration when renting a motorcycle is the level of riding experience. A very powerful motorcycle or with a lot of CCs is not the best option for the first tours. It’s very important to feel comfortable riding. Especially if we ride alone or carry another rider on the back.

Motorcycle rental in Madrid

Choose the model best suited to you

When renting a motorcycle there are a number of main factors that you will intuitively ask yourself. The rest, if you wish, we’ll tell you.

If you already know the characteristics of the German brand you won’t have many problems when choosing between our 5 models, as long as you consider how much weight you can handle and balance, the height of the seat and the power of the engine.

BMW F 750 GS 2019

Do you want a motorcycle at your height? The F 750 GS is the one with the lowest seat. A renovated trail with 853 cc engine and 77cv at 7,500 rpm. The standard is equipped with ABS, traction control (ASC) and two driving modes: rain and road.

A very manageable and versatile motorcycle for both short and long distances.

BMW F 850 GS 2019

It is a comfortable motorcycle for riding at the `Top Premium’ level for quality and equipment options. It highlights the two-cylinder in-line engine with 95 hp at 8,250 rpm and a consumption of 4.3 liters per 100km. It offers easy maneuverability in short turns thanks to its 21-inch front wheel.

It incorporates ABS and ASC to give maximum power to the engine without getting in the way.

BMW R 1250 GS 2019

The new BMW R 1250 GS is majestic, refined and powerful; Not surprisingly, it is the best selling maxitrail in the world.

It incorporates a standard LED headlamp and a fully digital TFT control panel as original equipment for connecting your mobile, as well as several power maps to change the preferences of the motorcycle according to which kind of road you’re on.

You’ll feel like you’re King of the Road!

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure 2019

The most travelled version of the 1250 GS. Its name says it all, it’s made for “adventure.” Long roads, open spaces and you.

Equipped with a double Boxer engine with a capacity of 1254 cc and an exclusive ShiftCam variable valve system. It incorporates an “anti-knock system”, which detects the motor’s self-detonation and modifies the ignition parameters to avoid combustion failures.

The BMW R 1250 GS Adventure 2019 is the ideal model for most travellers. A powerful and complete maxitrail.

BMW S 1000 XR 2019

The sportiest of the range. It combines design and technical performance.

It stands out for its versatility, from winding rural roads to tours for two people with full luggage. It offers a four-cylinder series engine with power of 165 hp at 11,000 rpm., with low power, as well as high revolutions.

In terms of performance and comfort, it’s perfect.

If you want to rent a BMW, check the characteristics of our models on our website or in the summary of this post of our blog.

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What makes different Beebiker?

Cuenta km

Unlimited mileage for 7 days or longer


BMW Navigator VI GPS included


Free home delivery of the motorcycle for rentals of 4 days or more

Relog 24 horas

Early Pick Up:
Pick up your motorcycle the day before at 06 PM

Relog 24 horas

Late Drop Off:
Return your bike the next day at 10 am

Fully Equipped

Latest fully equipped BMWs with three original cases included

BMW Motorcycle rentals:

If you would like to travel throughout Spain or any European country, Beebiker will make it easy for you.

We have a new fleet of BMW motorcycles at your disposal.
The price includes: 3 original BMW VARIO cases (two side cases and a top case) and a BMW Navigator V y VI. Additionally, for rentals 7 days or more, you will have unlimited mileage. (300 km/day limit for rentals less than 7 days).

We also offer free home delivery and pick up for rentals of 4 days or more. This service will cost €30 if your rental is less than 4 days. Different pick up locations (airport/hotel) are also available.

To avoid the last-minute rush, you can pick up your motorcycle a day earlier, after 6 PM, and return it a day later, until 10 AM. This service is free of charge. Any excess luggage can be stored in our facilities, while you enjoy your trip.

All our motorcycles have 24/7 roadside assistance with comprehensive insurance coverage up to €2000. As an option, you can reduce your insurance coverage to €350, by purchasing Premium Insurance for €20/day. (Premium Insurance is only available for rentals of 4 days or more).
All prices include V.A.T.

For group specials or to select a different drop off point from those mentioned, do not hesitate to contact us through this website. Contact us! Contact

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