Get BeeCoins from our motorcycle trips and receive discounts on the next ones

Get BeeCoins from our motorcycle trips and receive discounts on the next ones

We know that travelling by motorcycle is your passion and that’s why we do everything we can so that nobody misses out on the chance to enjoy a motorcycle tour. For those who want more than just one experience, we also offer future trip discounts for every trip you take.

You love travelling by motorcycle and also riding along with friends. you want to experience the sensation of crossing the peninsula by motorbike with a partner, you’re exited about riding a BMW, you want to feel the freedom of being on two wheels… We understand! We know every single feeling you’re going through, we’re as passionate as you. Each time we talk with one of our customers, we completely understand because our mutual passions unite us.

We like motorcycling for the sense of adventure and freedom it brings, basically because it’s a way of escaping daily routines. Going along winding mountain routes, across lakes, hugging maritime coasts, following the course of rivers, or passing through villages frozen in time. For these reasons and many more we want to enjoy the journey with you, and we’ll endeavor to ensure your satisfaction is our priority.

At Beebiker we look for a balance between routes, the time invested and the cost. We’ve studied all the factors in order to give our riders the best service. If you’re looking for an organized tour, you just have to tell us how many are going and the route you’d like to do and we’ll organize everything. If you prefer to rent a motorcycle and do a trip on your own or in a group, we’ll set you up with the bike and you can enjoy it at your lesiure.

Even so, we keep improving and expanding our services in order to offer you the best experience possible. We want to reward the loyalty of all the people that have repeated their motorcycling experience with us. Each time you search for a motorcycle to use on a trip and think of Beebiker, we feel honoured. Your loyalty is very important to us and we’re thrilled that we’re your first option for going for “a spin” once and a while.
That’s why, in order to award you for your loyalty, we’ve created our own coins that you can use to save up for discounts on your next trips. Our BeeCoins help you to economize.

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Save up BeeCoins and get discounts

Every time you go on a motorbike tour with Beebiker or rent a motorcycle, you’ll get a discount with a fixed percentage on your next trip. Isn’t that great? We’re doing that because we really appreciate the trust our customers put in us. We know that with each trip you partly hand over to us the key to your satisfaction. You confide in us the guarantee that your trip will meet your expectations, and so we want to give something back in return.
We’ve called them “BeeCoins”, and it’s a virtual currency that you can save up on each tour. That way you can get discounts for the next trips, because people generally repeat and we’d like to help out.

How do I save up Beecoins and redeem them?

Save up BeeCoins on each tour or each time you hire with Beebiker.

Signing up on a tour or hiring a bike not only gives you a unique experience, but you build up discounts as well. For each trip you do, you’ll get 5% of the total turned into BeeCoins. This way one BeeCoin is equivalent to 50 euro cents.

To redeem your BeeCoins, contact us before filling out the reservation or fill in the comment section on the reservation form saying you wish to apply a discount from your saved-up BeeCoins. This way, we’ll apply the discount on your hire or tour.

If you want to check the coins that you’ve saved up, you can contact us at any time and check how many you received. What’s great is that you can save up an unlimited number of BeeCoins and use them whenever you like. It’s as simple as that.

The only thing you have to do is hurry and use them before 3 years is up, as that’s the date they run out after the end of the trip.

If you have any questions or you wish to know more, get in contact with us or consult the section on our website about our BeeCoins plan.

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