5 new BMW motorcycles for 2019 you can now enjoy at Beebiker

5 new BMW motorcycles for 2019 you can now enjoy at Beebiker

New models and more options for hitting the road on two wheels this year with the new motorcycle range from BMW.

Like every year, we’ve updated our motorcycle fleet in order to offer you the latest BMW models. We’d like you to come over and enjoy with us the experience of trying out these latest BMW models on your trips and motorcycle tours. New sensations you cannot miss.

Our motorcycle fleet is made up of the most recent and highest-impact models from BMW, with excellent value for money. We strive to offer you a powerful and exiting range that adapts to any taste and preference, depending on whether you are a more adventurous or a more relaxed spirit.

If you want to travel around one of the best countries in the world with the latest technology on two wheels, contact us.

BMW F 750 GS Mod. 2019

We start with a reformed trail bike with a finer aesthetic. The BMW F 750 GS has gone through a thorough change. Its new 853 cc engine with 77 hp at 7,500 rpm, is the main protagonist of a design that starts from scratch, just like the new chassis.

As standard, the F 750 GS is equipped with ABS, traction control (ASC) and two driving modes: rain and road. Each gear mode alters the throttle response, ABS Pro, dynamic traction control, dynamic ESA, cruise control and the tire pressure monitoring system.

Fuel consumption is about 4 litres per 100km.

As for the seat height, it is the lowest, which makes it a very manoeuvrable and versatile motorcycle for both short and long distances.

It includes 3 original BMW travel cases with 92 litres of total capacity and the BMW Navigator GPS.


BMW F 850 GS Mod. 2019

A “Top Premium” level trail bike because of its quality and accessories options.

Its lined two-cylinder engine stands out with 95 hp and 8,250 rpm and a consumption of 4.3 litres per 100km.

Comfortable to drive. In general, the new suspension has been greatly improved for use on streets. Cushioning is improved with respect to the previous F 800 GS model and the spring response feels very progressive.

The longer wheelbase and revised steering geometry make the front feel stable and robust, even at high speeds. Easily manoeuvrable in short turns thanks to the 21 inch front wheel.

Thanks to the different driving modes you can vary the engine power and adjust the hardness of the ESA suspension. It incorporates ABS and ASC to deliver maximum power to the engine without veering off the path.

BMW R 1250 GS Mod. 2019

The new BMW R 1250 GS is even more refined than before and has gained power thanks to the increase in engine displacement in 136 hp at 7,750 rpm. The new bi-cylinder boxer engine and variable camshaft control system ensure superior power delivery.

Not only has the majestic aesthetic been renewed, but it also incorporates a standard LED headlight, new cylinder heads and a fully digital TFT control panel as a handy feature for connecting your mobile.

The camshaft transmission now uses a quieter Hyvo serrated chain instead of the old roller chain. It incorporates ABS and ASC to deliver maximum power to the engine without going off course, as well as several power modes to change preferences according to which type of road.

New improvements for continuous evolution with the best selling maxitrail in the world.


BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Mod. 2019

The Adventure is, of course, the tougher version of the R 1250 GS, with a longer travel suspension, a 30-litre fuel tank and an even stronger attitude.

The brand-new Boxer double engine has been thoroughly revised, with a new capacity of 1254 cc and an exclusive ShiftCam variable valve system.

The computer-controlled pins move in and out, and insert into the slots of a sliding outer camshaft, which causes two different cam profiles to enter and exit the assembly. One set of cam profiles is designed for a torque at low speed, and the other is aimed at producing maximum power.

The BMW R 1250 GS Adventure 2019 is the ideal model for the most travellers. New design and more equipped than ever. It is the most used bike to travel long distances and to go round the world on a motorcycle. A powerful and complete maxitrail.

It incorporates a new system “anti-knock system”, which detects the self-detonation of the engine and modifies the ignition parameters to avoid combustion failures.

It incorporates ABS and ASC, as well as 4 motor power modes to change according to the road travelled on. Bigger fuel tank for a total of 30 litres for long trips. The consumption is 4.75 litres per 100 km.

Additionally, it’s got a compartment located on the tank to store your most frequently needed belongings in order to avoid opening the main cases.

BMW S 1000 XR Mod. 2019

Alquiler de moto bmw

A comfortable maxitrail made for the road and which stands out for being the most sporting of the range.

Perfect for adventure travel, it combines design and technical features. Its heart is made up of an engine of the four-cylinder series that offers extraordinary power of 165 hp at 11,000 rpm, giving you power in low as well as high revolutions.

In short, the BMW S 1000 XR model can do everything from winding through rural roads to doing tours for two people with full luggage. In addition, the equipment is personalized and comprehensive. You can count on a range of accessories to perfectly adapt to your preferences.

If you want performance and comfort, the BMW S 1000 XR model is your best choice.

Come and try them out with us and experience the brand new BMW models!

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